Our vision is to uplift and encourage women to affect change in our world. WE will operate as a role model to our young women to proactively inspire them to grow, to mature, and to be healthy and successful women. When WE cross paths, WE share a smile, a hug, resources, and our testimony. WE are no longer bound or broken by our past. WE uplift, encourage, and strengthen each other, because when our paths cross WE are no longer standing alone, but we are like a cord intertwined that cannot be broken. WE believe in a just and safe world.  WE support the efforts of women and children to oversee their world and to be a positive influence with a positive outcome.  WE are a network of caring, compassionate women helping the world become a better place, one person at a time and WE realize that it starts with us.

WE are Women Empowered Cross •N•Paths - A movement on the move!











































NR House • Provide shelter solutions for victims of domestic violence specifically women and children.

UR Worthy • Provides self-image, self-worth and esteem solutions programs for victims of domestic violence.

Healthy YOU • Provides physical, and nutritional healthy resources for women.

Helping Others Prepare to Enjoy Life (HOPE) • Provides clothing and food supplies.