About Us

Women Empowered Cross •N•Paths is a Non Profit that officially started in March 2010. Founder and CEO Barbara Dean Franklin, asked 10 women to join her on a journey to empower women. The 3 year plan would be to invest $100 a month for 3 years and after the 3rd year they would write the plan and implement the program. The first year each member received $1000 a month. WE realized that we had to help ourselves before we could help others. The first year was also to determine how committed WE were to the vision. In 2011-2012, 6 women remained committed and we amassed $12,000 in savings. This movement started long before it had a name. It is a movement born from the experiences and aspirations of the founder.  Together we are able to achieve GREAT things! Join us !

Women Empowered Cross•N•Paths mantra will be WE win THE end!




























NR House • Provide shelter solutions for victims of domestic violence specifically women and children.

UR Worthy • Provides self-image, self-worth and esteem solutions programs for victims of domestic violence.

Healthy YOU • Provides physical, and nutritional healthy resources for women.

Helping Others Prepare to Enjoy Life (HOPE) • Provides clothing and food supplies.